Enjoy peace of mind with Suzuki

Enjoy peace of mind with Suzuki new car warranty. When you take ownership of a new Suzuki car from John Cole Suzuki, you also get peace of mind for the road ahead thanks to your Suzuki New Car Warranty.

You'll have comfort in knowing that your new Suzuki car has been produced in accordance with the manufacturer’s highest standards and has been inspected before delivery to you. Not just that but it will come with our new car warranty for peace of mind.

We therefore assure you that in the unlikely event of any part of the vehicle becoming defective due to faulty materials or manufacturing within the new cars Warranty period, the part will be repaired or replaced by a Suzuki Dealer/Authorised Repairer with no charge for parts and/or labour.

To learn more or check the specific car warranty for your Suzuki vehicle, enter the model as well as the year and month of purchase below.

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John Cole Suzuki

Suzuki is at the forefront of motor vehicle design and technology and invests heavily in the research, development and engineering of its vehicles. The finished Suzuki product offers customers outstanding reliability, quality and value for money.

John Cole Suzuki

Your new Suzuki vehicle undergoes rigorous factory testing to ensure that not only the final product is outstanding, but the operation and functionality of the vehicle’s many systems are no less than perfect. Additionally, before delivery to you, the customer, every new Suzuki vehicle receives a full and comprehensive pre-delivery service by your Suzuki Dealer to ensure that the wipers wipe and the horn toots.

For complete warranty terms and conditions, simply click on the link below relevant to your Suzuki purchase, check with your Suzuki dealer or refer to the detailed Warranty Policy and Service Information booklet supplied with every vehicle.

Vehicles purchased from 1st October 2019 onwards

Suzuki provides a 5 year unlimited kilometre warranty (with every new Suzuki motor vehicle purchased after 1st October, 2019.

*Excludes Fleet.

5 Year Unlimited KM Warranty

Vehicles purchased prior to 1st October 2019

Suzuki provides a 3 year / 100,000 kilometre warranty (whichever comes first) with every new Suzuki motor vehicle purchased prior to 1st October, 2019.

This can be extended to 5 year / 140,000 kilometres with Capped Price Servicing. To be eligible, the vehicle (1st purchased new prior to 1st October, 2019) must have had all standard scheduled services undertaken by authorised Suzuki Dealers as specified. Refer Capped Price Servicing Schedule for purchasing prior to 1st October, 2019.

*Excludes Fleet.

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